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Hempel Paints

Hempel Paints Primer Undercoat

Hempel  Paints Primer Undercoat Hempel's Primer Undercoat is a single component primer for all substrates (including steel) above the waterline, and an undercoat for Brilliant Gloss/Multicoat/Non-slip Deck Coatin.
Availble in 750ml or 2.5L White or Mid Grey

HEUCGr/2.5 Hempel Primer Undercoat Grey 2.5L £59.77 info buy
HEUCGR/750 Hempel Primer Undercoat Grey 750ml £26.27 info buy
HEUCWH/2.5 Hempel Primer Undercoat White 2.5L £59.77 info buy
HEUCWH/750 Hempel Primer Undercoat White750ml £26.27 info buy
Hempel Paints

Hempel Paints Light Primer

Hempel Paints Light Primer Hempel's Light Primer is a two-component high-performance epoxy primer and undercoat for use both above and below the waterline. Use on glass fibre, wood, steel and aluminium. Superb corrosion, impact and water resistance. Use before Ocean Gloss/PolyGloss/Brilliant Gloss top coat for a long-lasting solution. Can also be used for osmosis protection when the application is required at low temperatures.
Colours Available Black,Stone Grey,Off White,Blue

HE45551-11630-2.25L Hempel Paints Light Primer Off White 2.25L £107.70 info buy
HE45551-11630-375ML Hempel Paints Light Primer Off White 375ml £25.72 info buy
HE45551-11630-750ML Hempel Paints Light Primer Off White 750ml £47.75 info buy
HE45551-12170-2.25L Hempel Paints Light Primer Stone Grey 2.25L £107.70 info buy
HE45551-12170-750ML Hempel Paints Light Primer Stone Grey 750ml £47.75 info buy
HE45551-19990-750ML Hempel Paints Light Primer Black 750ml £47.75 info buy
HE45551-30180-750ML Hempel Paints Light Primer Blue 750ml £47.75 info buy
Hempel Paints

Hempel Paints Propeller Primer

Hempel Paints Propeller Primer Hempel's Prop Primer 101EX is an anti-corrosive spray primer and tie coat for different substrates. Fast drying with good adherence to glass fibre, steel and other metals.
Fast-drying Good adhesion to most substrates such as GRP, steel and other metals (aluminium, bronze, etc.). Overcoatable with the most common generic types of paint.

HE101EX-11320-500ML Hempel Paints Propeller Primer 500ml £25.13 info buy
Hempel Paints

Hempel Paints Underwater Primer

Hempel Paints Underwater Primer Use Hempel's Underwater Primer as part of a single component system below the waterline, including keels; and as a tiecoat before antifouling. Can be applied directly onto the hull or a primed surface, and between an existing antifouling and a new antifouling. Fast-drying with excellent waterproofing.
Tins Size 750ml,2.5L,5L

HE26030-19000-2.5L Hempel Paints Underwater Primer Grey 2.5L £71.23 info buy
HE26030-19000-5L Hempel Paints Underwater Primer Grey 5L £131.04 info buy
HE26030-19000-750ML Hempel Paints Underwater Primer Grey 750ml £28.66 info buy

International Paints Interprotect

International Paints Interprotect Interprotect is a high performance two-pack epoxy polyamide primer/undercoat that provides good abrasion resistance and is easy to sand.
It is formulated for use above and below the waterline as a primer for polyester, vinylester, epoxy, steel, aluminium, ferro cement and timber hulls. The quick-drying formula can be recoated with itself for periods of up to size months.

INTIPGR/2.5 International Paints Interprotect Grey 2.5L £138.47 info buy
INTIPGR/750 International Paints Interprotect Grey 750ml £47.06 info buy
INTIPWH/2.5 International Paints Interprotect White 2.5L £138.47 info buy
INTIPWH/750 International Paints Interprotect White 750ml £47.06 info buy

International Paints One UP

International Paints One UP One UP from International is a single-pack primer/undercoat for use above the waterline with all International one-pack finishes and deck paints.
Easy to apply by brush and roller, One UP can be used on all substrates and provides an extra smooth finish reducing the amount of sanding and time required.

INTUCBLGR/750 International Paints One UP Blue Grey YUC001/750AA £30.80 info buy
INTUCWH/2.5 International Paints One UP White YUC000/2.5AA £86.71 info buy
INTUCWH/375 International Paints One UP White YUC000/375AA £18.48 info buy
INTUCWH/750 International Paints One UP White YUC000/750AA £30.80 info buy
Showing 1-6 of 6 items
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