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CH2800 Series Spares

CH2800 Series Spares Spares for the CH2800 Side Mount Controls.

TX009607 Warm Up Button for CH2800 & CH2850 £4.72 info buy
TX009640 Lever Only with Switch for CH2800 £142.15 info buy
TX009642 Cover And Decal CH2800/CH2850 £17.52 info buy

MT3 Control Box Spares

MT3 Control Box Spares Spares for the MT3 control box.

AM032010 MT3 Stainless Steel 33c Cable Clamp £5.00 info buy
AM032778-002 MT3 Control Lever £58.30 info buy
AM035232-001 MT3 Morse Ball Knob (Red) £10.60 info buy
AM035232-004 MT3 Morse Ball Knob (Black) £10.60 info buy
AM038853 MT3/MT2 Forward, Neutral Reverse Decal £2.18 info buy
AM300646 MT3 Red Plastic Pivot (Throttle Cable) £4.46 info buy
AM304919 MT3 Black Control Pivot Kit (Gear Cable) £2.12 info buy
AM305499 MT3 Neutral Safety Switch £21.92 info buy
AM308598-001 MT3 Side Plate for Single Control £79.75 info buy
AM308599 MT3 Single Cable Fitting Kit £30.16 info buy
AM308727 MT3 Twin Cable Fitting Kit £60.00 info buy
AM308742 MT3 Conversion Kit- Single Only to HD 40XL Cable £85.75 info buy
AMCA69051 MT3 Stainless Steel Ball Knob (Smooth) £33.16 info buy
AMCA69052 MT3 Stainless Steel Ball Knob (Red Grooved) £33.16 info buy

SL-3 Control Box Spares

SL-3 Control Box Spares Spares for the SL-3 Top and Side Mount Single and Twin Lever Controls.

AM212151-003 SL3 Control Cable Nest Adaptor (Hardware Kit) £22.64 info buy
AM309169 SL3 White Plastic Push Rod for Side Mount Control £1.72 info buy
AM309172 SL3 Rubber Cover for Push Rod Top and Side Mount Control £1.54 info buy
AM309180 SL3 Side Mount Cover (Rectangular) £9.79 info buy
AM309183 SL3 Handle Top £58.27 info buy
AM309184 SL3 White Plastic Push Rod for Top Mount Control £1.72 info buy
AM309186 SL3 Control Cover £28.91 info buy
AM309489 SL3 Side Mount Control Mounting Kit £37.45 info buy
AM309496-001 SL3 Top Mount Hardware Mounting Kit £17.14 info buy
AM309520 SL3 Wire Harness with Trim Switch £59.40 info buy
AM315590 SL3 Replacement Switch Kit £8.90 info buy

Teleflex Control Spares

Teleflex Control Spares A selection of spares for Side and Surface Mount Dual Function Teleflex controls.

AM000094 17800 Control Neutral (Red Button) Pack of 10 £9.48 info buy
AM001354 R Clip (Pack 10) £1.26 info buy
AM003099 Replacement Cover For AM172103 Sailboat Control £5.27 info buy
AM003104 TFX Square Control Decal for Plastic Side Mount Plate £1.76 info buy
AM003110 Handle Only For Side Mount For AM172100 & AM172101 Controls £107.10 info buy
AM007361 AM17804 Controls Centre Push Button (Square/Black) £4.39 info buy
AM007380 Replacement Lever for AM172103 Controls £50.47 info buy
AM190008 F931 Connection Kit Inc 2 Pivots/Split Pins/R Clip £8.29 info buy
AM303827 MNS-SB Controls Hardware Kit £36.00 info buy
AM306997 Friction Kit £67.00 info buy
AMCA27100 Neutral Safety Switch For Jet Boat Control (CH2300) £19.16 info buy
AMCH5400 Control SR Twin £325.00 info buy
Showing 1-4 of 4 items
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