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Pioner Boats

Pioner Boats
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Pioner Boats

Pioner 8 Mini

Pioner  8 Mini Perfect as a first boat for children but also an ideal small tender for short trips
The Pioner 8 Mini is a boat that can be used for many things: Put it on the car roof rack and be sea-ready wherever you go; use it to get to and from another boat; tow it, or let the children learn good boating habits with this sturdy boat.
The Pioner 8 Mini has a good speed with a small engine, and is easy to row. Lengthwise seats provide comfortable seating and the oars can be secured with straps during towing

PN8Mini Pioner 8 Mini £1,895.00 info
Pioner Boats

Pioner 10 Classic

Pioner 10 Classic This classic Pioner 10 boat is easy to row and has good directional stability thanks to its traditional style deep displacement hull that also gives inherently good stabilit
yFun and easy-to-use quality boat
Newer generations are having their first boating experiences with the Pioner 10 Classic.

PN10 Pioner 10 Classic c/w oars £2,995.00 info
PN10/DF2.5/TR Pioner 10 c/w oars,Suzuki DF2.5S and Trailer info
PN10AE Pioner 10 Classic c/w Advanced Edition kit £5,785.00 info
PN10SE Pioner 10 Classic c/w Special Edition kit £4,195.00 info
Pioner Boats

Pioner 12 Maxi

Pioner 12 Maxi Pioner 12 Maxi Ideal for anglers on lochs, lakes, rivers or inland waterways.A little boat designed for lots of use
Tough safety for the future
Few things bring you as close to nature as a trip by rowing boat. If you are fishing with a net you will appreciate a Pioner boat. A low centre of gravity and unique bottom construction makes this a safe boat suitable for the 4-stroke engines.
The Pioner 12 Maxi can take up to four people

PN12Maxi Pioner 12 Maxi £3,750.00 info
PN12MaxiAE Pioner 12 Maxi Advanced Edition £6,650.00 info
PN12MaxiSE Pioner 12 Maxi Special Edition £4,950.00 info
Pioner Boats

Pioner 13

Pioner 13 Large enough for family use, small enough to be towed and launched single handed

For carefree boating

The Pioner 13 makes owning a boat easy. It is even, stable and easy to drive. Good seaworthiness is appreciated by both new boat owners and experienced boaters alike. The boat is suitable for smaller 4-stroke engines and rowing.
The standard model is spacious and has ample room for five people. Luggage, equipment and the fuel tank can be placed in two lockable storage areas. The boat can be equipped with a railing set and set of cushions.

PN13 Pioner 13 £3,995.00 info
Pioner Boats

Pioner 14 Active

Pioner 14 Active

Pioner 14 Active Combining tradition and safety with a modern design

The Pioner 14 Active is our newest model. It combines classical lines and exceptional driver comfort with modern details and a beautiful finish

PN14A Pioner 14 Active £5,600.00 info
PN14AAE Pioner 14 Active C/w Advanced Edition Kit £9,750.00 info
PN14ACE Pioner 14 Active C/w Catch Edition Kit £10,700.00 info
PN14AF Pioner 14 Active fitted Fisher Kit £9,095.00 info
PN14ASE Pioner 14 Active C/w Special Edition Kit £7,960.00 info
Pioner Boats

Pioner 15 All Round

Pioner 15 All Round The Pioner 15 Allround is taking over from one of the country's most popular holiday home boats. We have incorporated everything that made it such a huge success in the development of this new boat and we are proud to launch a practical, safe and stable Pioner boat in a new design language.
The boat is a genuine allrounder where everyone onboard will feel safe and travel in comfort whether to go fishing, on family outings, transport items or for work, other activities or any other purpose on the day's agenda.
This spacious, stable and seaworthy 15-footer offers plenty of room. Smart solutions such as storage spaces help keep the boat neat and tidy, and you can add various optional extras to customise the boat to your personal preferences

PN15ALR Pioner 15 All Round £6,995.00 info
PN15ALRAE Pioner 15 All Round C/w Advanced Edition Kit £13,095.00 info
PN15ARSE Pioner 15 All Round C/w Special Edition Kit £9,595.00 info
Pioner Boats

Pioner 16 Explorer

Pioner 16 Explorer Over 60 years experience of manufacturing polyethylene boats have gone into the Pioner 16 Explorer. It is a modern design that combines fantastic solutions.
With the P16, you are spoilt for choice of equipment configurations, such as a broad console, one or two narrow consoles with hydraulic control, various seating arrangements and other practical equipment options.
The boat planes easily, is very seaworthy and fully self-draining. It is certified for up to 60hp and offers good speed potential. It is the perfect boat for families, fishing, watersports and a very willing workhorse.
At Pioner, we want owning a boat to be simple.

PN16EX Pioner Boats Pioner 16 Explorer Boat Only £9,800.00 info
PN16EXAETC Pioner Boats Pioner 16 Explorer Advanced Edition Twin Narrow Console £18,150.00 info
PN16EXAEWC Pioner Boats Pioner 16 Explorer Advanced Edition Wide Console £16,750.00 info
PN16EXSENC Pioner Boats Pioner 16 Explorer Special Edition Narrow Console £14,400.00 info
PN16EXSEWC Pioner Boats Pioner 16 Explorer Special Edition Wide Console £14,650.00 info
Pioner Boats

Pioner 17 Flexi

Pioner 17 Flexi Speed, comfort and versatility with great design
The Pioner 17 Flexi has been constructed for the active boater, with several opportunities of accessories.
The Pioner 17 flexi is a robust and incredibly seaworthy all-round boat with an agile design. The Pioner 17 Flexi is a boat made to be used, and is ideal to have at a cabin. In addition, it can be used for many other purposes, such as diving and water sports. The Flexi has extensive floor space and folding seats can be mounted at a sides in the front of the boat as extra equipment. The boat has automatic self-scudding.

PNFLEX17 Pioner 17 Flexi £15,500.00 info
PNFLEX17AE Pioner 17 Flexi fitted Advanced Edition Kit £20,175.00 info
PNFLEX17SE Pioner 17 Flexi fitted Special Edition Kit £17,600.00 info
Pioner Boats

Pioner Multi Mk3

Pioner Multi Mk3 Pioner Multi.Taking safety,durabilty and versatilty to a new level The third generation of Multi boasts a large deck space, wide bow port and excellent driving characteristics Standard specifiaction open cockpit, tiller steered,optional accessories shown in photographs.
It's all in the name. The Pioner Multi has such an intelligent design that its usability stretches from that of an emergency boat to a fishing boat, to a diving boat and a country boat. Professional seafarers love this boat, which offers extensive features and high loading capacity

PNMULTI Pioner Multi Mk3 Darkline Standard Open cockpit £15,950.00 info
PNMULTI/R Pioner Multi Mk3 Boat,Red, Standard model Open cockpit £13,795.00 info
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