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SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats 18-22ft Power Up 150 hp SX10512-70

SmartTab Trim Tabs Boats 18-22ft Power Up 150 hp SX10512-70
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The patented Smart Tabs are once of a kind trim and stabilizers system that automatically adjusts to the sea conditions, without the need for expensive electric hydraulic hardware and switches. The system consistantly reacts to the water conditions, boat speed and balance providing a remarkable improvement on any boat. The new SX Series incorporates all of the fully automatic features of the original stainless steel systems enjoyed by thousands of satisfied customers since 1999.

Key Features:Self adjusting Simple design 5 Tuning Adjustments for maximum performance, 50% less bow lift, 11% better fuel economy .Suitable for all types of boats ,Performance: 10% More speed, 15% quicker acceleration - Great for skiing 50% less bow lift and 35% lower on plane speed - Great for tubing .More top speed

Suitable for Ribs, Flats & Bay,Bow Riders, Fish & Ski

Boat length 21 to 25 ft Horsepower ' up to 250 HP  2 & 4 Stroke  SX10512-90

Inboard/Stern drive 21ft to 25ft 4/6 and 8 cylinder engines




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