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Rule 3 Way Switch (43) 24v


Rule 3 way Bilge switch with roicker switch and light,Fused Controls any pump equipped with an automatic float switch.  This unit features a black plastic panel. It has a built-in fuse holder and an internally lighted rocker switch with 3 positions (automatic, off, or manual) with the Rule "fail-safe" spring return to "off" from the "manual" position



Rule 3-Way Lit Rocker Switch
3-way lighted switch 24 volt DC
Dimensions: 73mm wide, 60mm high.
Master control panel with 3-way switch and fuse holder.
For automatically controlled bilge pumps.
Red light indicates pump running.
Fail-safe switch prevents the pump from being left on when used manually.
Packaged Dimensions: L:14.00 x H:11.00 x W:14.00cm
Actual Weight: 0.07 Kg (Approx. 0.27 Kg packed)

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